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Q: So who are you, anyway?

A: My name is Dan Gilmore and I am a college student at The Ohio State University. I’m studying Medical Dietetics, pursuing my ultimate goal of becoming a registered Dietitian.

Q: What is this website for?

A: This website is for anyone who is interested in health and nutrition. I’ll update the site regularly with things like recipes, summaries of relevant scientific research, and helpful tips to keep you on track with your health goals.

Q:  Do you have any certifications/degrees?

A: Nope, not yet. I am currently studying Dietetics, but am still two years away from being an registered Dietitian. That being said, at this point in my education I have learned enough about various nutrition related topics that I want to share my thoughts about them.

Q: How do I know the stuff on this website is legitimate?

A: Everything that I post on this website will be coming from scientific literature and nutrition textbooks. If it’s my own personal opinion, my own recipe, or not coming from a published or peer reviewed source, I will make it clear in the text that this is the case.

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