So, Where Do I Start?

So, Where Do I Start?


Okay, so you want to try out this whole “health” thing.  Awesome! But where do you begin? Should you start shoving spinach down your throat and running 12 miles a day? Should you go buy a gym membership, get up at 5 am, and lift weights until you can’t move? After all, all the “hard core” people do, right? Certainly not. There’s a better way to begin that won’t leave you burnt out and unmotivated after just a few days.

What I’ve found in my own life, is that the key to beginning a process that is uncomfortable or new is to do so carefully. All the time we hear that you should just jump right in to something new, and take off running. While that sounds exciting and reasonable, in most cases, it doesn’t lead to success – Particularly when it comes to lifestyle changes. The key is performing a self assessment. Figure out where you are, and where you want to be. Maybe you want to start cutting out processed foods, reducing your calorie intake, or eating more fiber. It’s so important to identify the areas that need the most work, and the ones that already have a solid foundation. If you try to fix everything at once, you’ll crash and burn. Decide your ultimate goal, as well as smaller goals along the way. Once you have these markers in place, you can begin to develop a plan  for how you’re going to achieve them. Now is the time when you can really start to learn and actively pursue your goals. In the context of nutrition, this means not overhauling your diet over night. 

So take some time, maybe a few hours or even a few days, to decide your nutrition or health related goals. You’ve got to start here. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but make sure they are realistically achievable, (sorry, you can’t have a six pack by next Wednesday) and get yourself ready to step out of your comfort zone.

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